Zigotto is an brazilian company, based in São José dos Campos — important industrial center located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro —  founded with the aim of developing custom-made softwares, which uniquely meet the needs of each customer.

Following international patterns in softwares development. Zigotto is specialized in Ruby technology, with highly skilled professionals, who develop codes recognized by the international community.

In the market since 2007, the company has developed an unique methodology, where customers receives a particular attention to understand their real needs. From there on, comes into play Zigotto's team, developing softwares that ensure more assertive results and satisfy who needs quick and efficient solutions.

Typified like a 100% flat company, everyone in the team has contact with client, proposing ideas and solving problems. This is a advantage which ensures the creation of valuable softwares.

As a consultancy company, Zigotto’s team helps customers to identify their real needs.

The activity scope is completely flexible, allowing customers to have freedom to participate during the project's development, diving feedback about every step. This flexibility ensures a more complete and consistent product with the initial expectations.

The entire work is based on constant communication with client, and more than offering a shrink-wrapped software — those with standard features which customers need to learn how to use — we create solutions. Zigotto analyzes the problem, the needs, and uses the best tools to solve a solution, resulting in a software that customers don't need to learn how to use it, because it happens naturally and intuitively.

Bringing respect and caring with customers in our DNA, Zigotto works with seriousness and competence, finding constant evolution in our processes with a unique goal: become a reference in custom-made software development, ensuring the best technological solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

Develop softwares according to the real need of each customer, analyzing his profile, problems and goals, to create a final assertive product, which will simplify his work routine and ensure the business success.

Zigotto Team

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